Our company started to work in detergent and cleaning products industry in 2010. Since then, we supply key petrochemical and petroleum-based raw materials for industry leading companies. We became an important and a reliable supplier which regularly imports and exports some of key raw materials. We strive to enhance our day-to-day operation to be able to serve our business partners by meeting their feedstock requirements. Our company continues to operate as KY International since 2019 with the aim of improving business volume and restructuring.


We as K&Y International, are able to utilize railroad transportation, road transportation and vessel transportation. We have more than 200 iso tanks that meets international standars and we are able to use them on rail, truck and vessel. Since they only carry our own products, we are able to guarantee safe delivery without any change in the quality. In case of request, we are able to carry the product with our contracted vehicles in bulk form or in flexi bags.


We offer various different financing methods to our business partners. This services creates a risk-free platform and helps industrial businesses to run smoothly. By this way, our business partners dont’t have to deal with any other banks or financial instituions. We are able to issue up to %100 credit to our registered companies after necessary background check.

Supply Chain

By utilizing our wide raw material portfolio, logistics solutions and financial support, we serve as a solution partner to industrial corporations in our region. We source material globally and put it into our business partner’s use after organizing all means of transportation and due date. This way, our business partners can focus on their internal workload while their top quality feedstock requirements are delivered to their factory.

Market Intelligence

With our highly skilled employed traders in our offices, we are able to follow the most recent updates in the market and inform our business partners. We provide free up-to-date information and share market forecast with our systematical analyzing schedule. We work with top quality exchange markets and service providers to use it in our system.

Our Team

Mahmut Ahmet Ünal

Position: General Manager
Email: mahmut@ky.energy
Categories: Team

Mahmut Ahmet Ünal General Manager

Selim Demirci

Position: Logistic Manager
Email: selim@ky.energy
Categories: Team

Selim Demirci Logistic Manager

Leyla Özdemir

Position: Purchasing Supervisor
Email: leyla@ky.energy
Categories: Team

Leyla Özdemir Purchasing Supervisor

Ali Mert Duman

Position: Operation Expert
Email: mert@ky.energy
Categories: Team

Ali Mert Duman Operation Expert

Mustafa Demirci

Position: Operation Expert
Email: mustafa@ky.energy
Categories: Team

Mustafa Demirci Operation Expert

Our Locations

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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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    Istanbul, Turkey